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Mr. Shreegopal Goyal

(Chairman & Founder)

Our proud standing and the leading role we play today in the markets is the fruitful outcome of many years of carefully planned hard, dedicated and exhausting work years interposed by large-scale challenges, which were not but an incentive, motive and stimulant to attain further achievement, excellence and uniqueness.

Since its origin in 2006, BABA SUPER MINERALS has focused on a sole objective; namely, to attain leadership and a pioneering position to be the first choice that meets all expectations. Today the Group's brands have become distinguished and have a name that reflects quality and mastery not only in the India, but in all Asia, Europe and North African countries as well. Undoubtedly, the trust placed in us by the suppliers and consumers is a badge of honour that maximized the responsibility falling on our shoulders to always provide the best. The expansion strategy to entering the quartz slab segment is adopted by our group since its inception has contributed largely to consolidating its role as a key driver for promoting the economic cycle, and has large-scale effect to reach the largest possible segment of consumers, as our existing products have reached today. Maximizing the production cycle and operating our complex of factories with their peak capacity has increased our capacity to cover local, regional and international needs.

The outstanding success we achieved today did not happen by accident; rather, it is attributable to God in the first place, and then to our dedicated, large-scale efforts exerted by highly qualified and trained manpower that work backstage quietly, patiently, and earnestly. They work in the framework of a clear strategic vision, having firm faith in that group's success depends on the individuals' success.

Key values and principles in which we have firm faith and work under its umbrella are our weapon in the upcoming days, We are fully prepared to take up the challenges, and sacrifice all that is needed with a view to further and further growth and advancement to fulfil the needs and desires of our consumers.

Today we can proudly say that our company has established itself as a market leader of international quartz stone market and that we have contributed to the growth and development of the Indian mining sector.

As a group we believes- “The stepping stone for success is- quality, reliability & affordability And we strive to achieve this through our vision, mission and values”.

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Mr. Anil Goyal


Always keen on adding value to his family business Mr. Anil Goyal took charge to diversify into production of minerals powder. He gave a resounding start to his maiden venture by creating a brand associated with the company’s philosophy of quality & trust. Shortly after winning a government bid for the mining of quartz in Bhilwara Mr. Goyal began a consulting process with some of the foremost and acknowledged leaders in the minerals. Also consulting Ernst & Young before finalizing the factory blueprint. He worked overtime from the foundation of the factory until the point of production, resulting into creation of the huge infrastructure.

The creation of additional jobs for the youths had always been his motto and the present endeavor is geared to fulfilling that objective. Mr. Goyal has sought to imbibe the best corporate practices at the factory-promoting a clean and green environment and fostering a work culture comparable to the best in the industry. While he cherishes travelling and exploring various countries, he finds greater peace and satisfaction by giving back to our own society through thoughtful philanthropic activities.

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Mr. Abhishek Goyal


After successfully completing his graduation Mr. Abhishek Goyal always had an inclination of joining the family business and taking it forward to new heights. When he did, he brought about a directional change by shifting Baba Minerals policy of only processing minerals from it’s own mines.

He firmly believes in honesty and hard work, an integral part of the continued success of the Baba Group. He foresees Baba Super Minerals as a leading minerals company based on the growth momentum it has achieved in a brief span of two years. His international exposure combined with his ethics of corporate governance will provide fresh insight on attaining the highest standards in the minerals business.

He is an avid traveler and loves exploring exotic locations in particular, whenever he finds time from work. With his hold and goodwill in the industry, he was able to build a strong network of business partners and dealers for the Company much before the start of production. It is due to his ability that Baba Minerals was able to thrive in this market due to his insights that have been used by the Company to develop growth strategies.

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Mr. Anup Goyal

(Director of Finance)

Mr. Anup Goyal carries with him the business legacy of his illustrated family members belonging to the house of Goyal’s. he is the younger son of Mr. Shreegopal Goyal and his ambitions for the company are no less illustrious than his father’s. After completing his schooling in Kishangarh, he earned a degree in commerce in preparation for his upcoming plunge in the highly competitive minerals industry.. Now in his early 20s Anup evinces keen interest in all the corporate affairs of the company and plays a pivotal part in all the key policy making decisions.

A keen observer with an analytical mind, he spearheads the branding ,communications and marketing, which he has identified as a thrust area for the company. His passion and dedication will prove as guiding forces in achieving his aspiration to make BABA minerals into a leading global brand. He is a voracious reader by nature, one can often find him reading books on management and science papers. He is also a travel enthusiast and likes to explore new places. His active participation in the company's day-to-day operations has helped make Baba Minerals the leading provider of Minerals & Quartz.

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Mr. Sangam Goyal

(Vice President Exports)

First of all I would like to thank each of you for the support & faith you have shows to us. We believe that the acknowledgement of existing and potential customers is the main asset for us. That’s why our main focus is to identify the particular requirements of customers and then provide them the best in industry with competitive price than anyone. This could be achieved through various quality stage of our working procedure from raw material to finished products & after sales service also. That’s the only success mantra for BABA SUPER MINERALS.

At the same time, we recognize a need for a fundamental expansion of business operations especially with our mining business in order to further strengthen our operational structures So with the blessings of our customers around the world, BABA SUPER MINERALS wants to continue delivering another attractive products –quartz slab with the brand name of BABA QUARTZ.

As our principle to go for save environment policy, we are going to start our movement of “ WE NATURE- the nature’s gift” in form of quartz slab which represents the basic five elements of the universe and hope like our mining product very soon we will be again one of the front runner of this industry also.

And altogether we have to make a wonderful world of Quartz.