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We are leaders in the Quartz segment.

In the last four decades, by garnering experience, love and loyalty of our customers, Baba Quartz has become one of the largest manufacturers of Quartz.
  • Trust: We have outlets and Baba Quartz Boutiques spanning across the world.
  • Customer Support: Associating with Baba Quartz will bring in the additional support for your customer by our experts.
  • Customer Base: With a big name, comes a huge customer base and you can tap into it as well by joining your hands with us.
  • Incentives: Here’s the most exciting part! Becoming a dealer with us will give you opportunities to earn amazing rewards for yourself.
  • Latest Technology: With Baba Quartz, you will also get access to latest technology through website.
With 20+ years of experience in the industry, Baba Quartz’s trust factor will enhance your value, equip you with latest technology and expand your customer base.
  • Trust: Endorse the trust of Baba Quartz and increase footfall
  • Sales: Shoot up sales and widen your customer base
  • Support: Support in building display and branding
  • Latest Technology: Access to latest applications like `SameLook`, ‘Quick Look’ & ‘TrueLook’ There are two ways to join hands with us,
  • Become a dealer: Stock Baba Quartz products at your shop/store

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